The Advantages of Choosing a Real Expert

Are you aware of the advantages of choosing a real expert in your problem?

In Vascular Clinic Dr. Jorge Molina we are very much aware of how important is your time, and how much you can be worrying about your problem. That’s the reason why we address all our efforts to solve it in the fastest and most comfortable way for you, but most of all, in the most efficient way.

This is the reason why Dr. Jorge Molina is also an expert in Vascular Diagnosis by Duplex Ultrasound. This is an examination that is not invasive, absolutely painless but also very precise to diagnose your varicose veins problem and all its context very accurately. With the assistance of this important tool, we completely changed the traditional strategy:

For this other strategy much more efficient and respectful with your time and your interests:

In your first visit to the clinic, Dr. Jorge Molina will perform a complete medical interview, a physical examination and a full Venous Duplex Ultrasound. This Venous Duplex Ultrasound is essential to get an exact diagnosis of your problem and its causes. It will also be key to design a personalized map of your venous systems and plan a customized treatment. In this first visit, moreover, Dr. Jorge Molina will explain you the result of the examination and the choices of possible treatments suitable for your particular case.

If your treatment needs a procedure to be performed (laser, radiofrequency, surgery, sclerotherapy, etc), the doctor will explain it to you with all the details, and will provide you with the legal compulsory document of Informed Consent. He will also explain and prescribe you all the complementary measures that are needed to perform the procedure, and you’ll both agree in the date to begin it.


Convenient, isn’t it?

Dr. Jorge Molina has devoted many years and all of its attention to prepare not only for the treatment of your problem, but also to foresee a multitude of small details around it, only to make your experience more pleasant, and your life easier.

These are the advantages of choosing a real expert to take care of you.

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