Deep Vein Thrombosis is an important and severe condition. Important because it is quite common, because it may become very serious, and because in many cases it is relatively easy to prevent: we could even avoid many deaths.

However, to start with, there is a lot of confusion on vein thrombosis, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, and even many doctors are not free from this misunderstanding.

On top of it, in recent years, some sensationalist media have called “economy class syndrome” to a particular sort of vein thrombosis. This has served to further increase the widespread confusion surrounding this disease.

In this book, a doctor Consultant in Angiology and Vascular Surgery has used all his scientific knowledge – and his nearly twenty years of experience in the profession – to disclose the causes and consequences of deep vein thrombosis and the difference with phlebitis. Different types of treatments available are also presented, and, most important, how to prevent it. Finally, as usual, some of the myths surrounding these diseases are discussed.

A comprehensive review that will allow you to finally understand many things.

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