Finally, a practical and understandable review of venous disease and varicose veins, written by a specialized doctor, suitable for all audiences!

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In a historic moment where any kind of information is widely available to everybody thanks to internet, we find increasingly more people more – and paradoxically worse – informed than ever: having so many sources of information does not mean they are good quality ones, and it is becoming increasingly common in medical practice patients asking about issues they found on internet. Frequently, these patients are very alarmed or scared about what they read, but often misinformed, revealing that their readings on internet had only got them a hard time – but being of little use instead.

The aim of this e-book collection is to disclose medical topics of interest to the general public. In their pages I have used deliberately a simplistic approach, and I’ve done it using the same plain language that I speak daily to my patients, to whom I try to explain as simple and clear as possible the problems they are suffering and the solutions that could make them feel better. So it is, finally, Medicine explained for everybody.

VARICOSE VEINS: Truth & myths


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