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We are experts in all kinds of techniques, procedures and surgeries to Remove Varicose Veins. Our intensive dedication to phlebology allows us to offer you all the range of treatments available nowadays:

  • Surgery for varicose veins: stripping.
  • Phlebectomies, Müller’s technique and CHIVA cure.
  • Radiofrequency and/or laser ablation: remove your varicose veins without surgery!
  • Liquid and foam sclerotherapy.
  • Minimally invasive and outpatient treatment with VenaSeal® and ClariVein®.

Of course, nothing can be achieved without an accurate previous imaging study. That is why we are also experts in Duplex Ultrasound for varicose veins.


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  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery (University of Valencia, 1997)
  • Specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery (Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, 2004)
  • Máster in Aesthetic Medicine (University of Valencia, 2009)

Dr. Jorge Molina, your expert removing varicose veins in Valencia

Dr. Jorge Molina has developed his professional project combining attending experience both in the public and private sector in Spain since 1995, with international training in high prestige centers in Germany and USA

Further advancing in his international profile, he was recruited in 2013 to start and develop the Vascular Surgery Departments in two prime healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), both in the private and government sectors, where he has been working as Head of two Departments (Vascular Surgery and Wound Care) until the end of 2017.

With this broad international experience and knowledge, he returns by the end of 2017 to Valencia to offer his neighbors the most modern techniques in vascular surgery. His particular combination of super-specialization in minimally invasive procedures for treatment of varicose veins (laser, sclerotherapy, radiofrequency…) with the point of view of the cosmetic medicine, allow him to bring the highest standards of treatment to his patients.

A full and updated CV can be read at his LinkedIn profile.

    review rating 5  Un buen médico, muy profesional. Dr. Molina es muy cuidadoso con los pacientes, explica todo muy bien. Fuimos mi madre y yo a su consulta y las dos estamos muy contentas. Me he hecho varios tratamientos y he quedado muy satisfecha, los resultados son muy buenos. Mi madre es que su caso es distinto al mío, se lo va hacer muy pronto por un método muy moderno y está con mucha ilusión para quitar su variz. Siempre atentos, cuidando el mínimo detalle, informando. Es una alegría encontrarse con profesional que ama su trabajo. Para mí, recomendable totalmente.

    thumb Lorena O

    review rating 5  I came upon Dr. Jorge Molina's Vascular Clinic based on a recommendation of a friend. As a chef I have to travel a lot, and due to my work I have to stand long hours. At the end of last year I started having severe leg pain and developed varicose and spider veins shortly after. I was greatly surprised during my visit there: doctor’s attention to detail and to my health needs, giving me full diagnosis on the same visit. He clearly knows a lot, specialized (and I mean REALLY specialized) in varicose veins and circulatory system, clearly explaining my health condition and it was very easy to understand. I can never thank you enough for the treatment I’ve received. Many, many thanks Dr. Molina.

    thumb John S. Brown

    review rating 5  Excelente medico! Atención de 10. Te dan tanta seguridad y lo explican todo tan bien que por eso decidí operarme con el doctor Jorge Molina. Esta decisión me ha cambiado la vida por completo, ahora soy otra persona: tras operarme puedo hacer deporte sin ningún problema y hacer vida totalmente normal. Soy autónomo y no pude permitirme estar mucho tiempo con baja laboral, necesitaba recuperación rápida y estar bien, sano. Cada día me acuerdo del Dr.Molina. Le estoy muy agradecido por su eficacia y profesionalidad.


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